Neoprene Tank

A self-supporting open top storage tank, manufactured from reinforced neoprene-coated fabric, with an air filled collar for extra stability

Product Overview

It is easy to use as no framework is required - the tank takes shape as it is filled.

When full, the tank remains stable irrespective of varying ground levels, and when empty it is unaffected by high winds.

The neoprene storage range may be used under any climatic conditions.

The Trident Neoprene storage tanks are supplied with an integral drainage valve, a central internal lifting ring, with options for a tailored top cover, ground sheet/carrier bag.

A first choice emergency or long-term liquid storage facility


  • Tank takes shape as it fills
  • Compatible with many liquids
  • No framework required


  • Self supporting collar
  • Integral drainage valve
  • Reinforced neoprene coated fabric

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