Floating Tank

Flexible storage tanks offer an efficient and cost effective solution for temporary storage of recovered hydrocarbons

Product Overview

Produced in heavy duty polyurethane coated nylon fabric, these high quality oil/water storage tanks can be used afloat or on dry land, for emergency or general storage.  The Trident floating tanks are extremely tough, puncture and abrasion resistant and provide instant reliable storage in most environmental conditions.

Intended mainly for use in conjunction with oil spill recovery equipment, the tanks have many other applications with industry and emergency services.

A buoyancy cuff is incorporated along each side which is air inflated.  Optionally ethafoam buoyancy can be incorporated, which also acts as a fender.

Inlet/outlet fittings are sited on top of the tank with anti-choke protectors.  Facilities also available for hose extension to the tank bottom for removal of separated water.

The tailored ends are closed using horizontally fitted Unicon connectors - allowing towing bridles to be easily attached, and enabling access into the tank for cleaning.

Securing eyes are incorporated along each side for restraining the tank on dry ground.

All seams are high frequency welded and each tank is subject to testing and inspection prior to despatch.

Repair kits are available and site repairs can be easily carried out.  Full servicing is available if returned to Darcy.


  • Use on water or dry land
  • Attach to tow bridle for movement
  • Restrain tank on dry land
  • Reliable storage


  • Emcon connectors at each end
  • Securing eyes
  • Buoyancy cuffs
  • Polyurethane coated nylon

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