Expander Tank

Fully collapsible self-erecting tank with a floating collar

Product Overview

Our Trident expander tanks are manufactured from PVC as standard (also available in PU).  Expander tanks are fully collapsible and self-erecting without the requirement for any metal frame-work.  The expander tank can be turned inside out for easy cleaning.

The tanks are designed so that they self-erect on filling with liquid, stability being provided by a stiffened top collar with a foam insert.

Ideal for a variety of situations including:

  • Decontamination at oil spills and as detergent baths
  • Stop spread of contamination and clean work boots
  • Place under machinery to collect drips or leaks
  • Emergency storage for recovered product in spill situations
  • Temporary storage whilst other tanks are being repaired or maintained
  • Use as part of an emergency response kit


  • Turns inside out for easy cleaning
  • No metal framework required
  • Tank self erects
  • Increased stability


  • Floating collar
  • Foam insert collar

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