For the separation and extraction of oils from the surface of water.

Product Overview

Skimmers are an effective method of removing oil from water. Oil skimmers come in a variety of styles including Weir, Rope Mop, Disc, Drum, Brush and Delta skimmers.  Details on our range of skimmers can be found on the accompanying pages.

Our skimmers are available in a range of sizes dependent on the required throughput, application, volume of oil, length of deployment, oil viscocity and space/access restrictions.  

As well as deployment within the marine environment our skimmers are also used for more industrial applications to remove oil from lagoons, bunds, sumps and tanks and for emergency spill response.

All our skimmers can be used in conjunction with the Darcy oil water separator.  We also provide a selection of pumps to be used with our range of skimmers as well as pipes and hoses. 

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