Brush Skimmers

A highly versatile skimmer designed free water pick up of less than 2%

Product Overview

The brush skimmer is a a highly versatile skimmer that is designed for the removal of oil from water with a water uptake of less than 2%.  Comprising banks of bristles, a weir and sump for efficient retrieval of oil from water. 

Skimmer details

The brush skimmer system contains rows of crimped bristles, manufactured in polypropylene providing excellent performance, good chemical resistance and low water pick up. The rotating brushes create a flow of oil towards the skimmer. Thick oil is attracted to the polypropylene bristles that transfer the oil over the weir and into the skimmer sump. The oil is then passed through to a remote transfer pump where is it collected. 


  • Highly versatile
  • Excellent performance
  • Low water pick up


  • Rotating brush
  • Skimmer sump
  • Polypropylene bristles
  • Available as individual unit or complete system

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