For the separation and extraction of oils from the surface of water.


  • For recovery of oil from the waters surface
  • Short term or permanent deployment
  • Portable or static units
  • To extract oil from tanks and bunds

Weir Skimmers

For emergency oil spill recovery from rivers, lakes, industrial lagoons, interceptors, harbours and sheltered estuaries.

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Rope Mop Skimmers

Suitable for the recovery of surface oil contaminants from industrial waste water processes.

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Delta Skimmer

A self-contained free floating oil recovery system.

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Disc Skimmers

A self-contained, lightweight oil recovery system, specifically designed to be carried by hand into inaccessible areas to recover a wide range of oils from water.

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Drum Skimmers

Versatile oil recovery system which uses two banks of drums to draw oil into the skimmer.

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Brush Skimmers

A highly versatile skimmer designed free water pick up of less than 2%

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