Submersible Pumps

The Darcy submersible pumps have a sealed motor that allows the whole assembly to be submerged into the liquid that is to be pumped.

Product Overview

Submersible pumps, by their very nature, are safe to operate even when immersed in liquids.

Submersible pumps can either be connected to a pipe, flexible hose or lowered down guide rails or wires so that the pump sits on a “ducks foot“ coupling, thereby connecting it to the delivery pipework.

The pump can be permanently fixed within a bunded area and locations with a high water table.

Their size makes them portable for temporary use and can be lowered into lift shafts or wells using rope or guide wires or simply sat on the ground in cellars and basements or other areas where unwanted water collects for a short period.

The pump can come complete with a float switch for automatic dewatering


  • Automated operation
  • Fits into small aperatures


  • Portable
  • Can be modified to include a float switch

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