SOPEP Kits and Absorbents

For almost 50 Years Darcy have produced high quality, effective oil absorbents specifically designed to clean up and dispose of oil spills.

Product Overview

Darcy Spillcare are a leading UK manufacturer of oil absorbents and spill kits for cleaning up spills of oil on land and water. Darcy understands that, in the event of an emergency, the immediate availability of quality absorbents helps to clean up spills and prevent further spread of pollution.  We offer a full range to help you meet environmental compliance and ISO14001 accreditation. 

The Drizit range of oil selective absorbents repel water. Due to their hydrophobic nature they are ideal for removing oil from water and will float on water soaking up the oil from its surface.


  • For outside or inside use, where oil needs to be absorbed without picking up water
  • Use on lakes, harbours, rivers and the sea



  • Fast acting
  • High oil absorbency
  • Water repellent
  • Floats on water and will not sink even when saturated


  • Oil Absorbent Pads and Rolls
  • Oil Absorbent Cushions
  • Oil Absorbent Socks
  • Oil Absorbent Booms
  • SOPEP Spill Kits

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