Boom Connectors

A range of boom connectors for making longer lengths of boom

Product Overview

Darcy manufacture a range of boom connectors that are suited to both permanent and inflatable booms for short or long term deployment.

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EMCON Boom Connector

  • Manufactured from high strength aluminium
  • Thumbscrew fixings for easy connection
  • Creates a positive seal
  • Use in ports, harbours and sheltered waters


ASTM Boom Connector

  • Manufactured from high strength aluminium
  • Slide connection with additional thumbscrew fixings
  • Suited for harsh boom deployment applications
  • Use in ports, harbours, estuaries, oceans and open waters


EML Boom Connector

  • Manufactured from PVC or PU
  • Connectors lace together
  • Suitable for smaller lightweight booms
  • Use in inland or calm waters only


Magnetic Hull Boom Connector

  • Allows booms to be fixed to ship hulls, flat metal surfaces and other structures
  • Creates an oil tight seal.
  • Float prevents connector being lost
  • Ideal for use during maintenance or bunkering or ships


Boom Tow Bridles

  • Applies towing load across the width of the boom
  • Assists boom performance
  • Adds buoyancy to the boom when towing


Boom Bank Ends

  • Join the ends of the boom securely to the bank
  • Lightweight
  • Easily stored


  • ASTM Connector
  • EML Connector
  • EMCON Connector
  • Magnetic Connector
  • Tow Bridles
  • Bank Ends

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