Protection of the harbourside water environment

Product Overview

The Trident Harbourguard boom is a high buoyancy curtain boom sited to both harbours and open waters. The boom ensures protection of the harbourside water environment from accidental discharge of oils and other contaminating products.

A boom of high strength, buoyancy and stability consisting of a cylindrical foam filled float section and a skirt with galvanised chain ballast/tension member.

Boom Details

  • Boom Material: Orange PU and PUA or Yellow PVC
  • Fabric Weight: 1000 gsm
  • Float Material: Closed cell Polyethylene Foam
  • Bottom Ballast: 10 mm galvanized chain
  • Connectors: supplied with EMCON or ASTM connectors


  • Highly buoyant
  • Stable deployment
  • Ensure oil is captured


  • Closed cell polyethylene foam
  • Galvanised steel chain ballast
  • Skirted boom

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