Containment Booms

We are a leading UK manufacturer of spill containment booms. We understand that, in the event of an emergency, the immediate availability and deployment of boom is invaluable to prevent further spread of pollution.

Product Overview

The Darcy range of Trident Inflatable Booms are lightweight and significant lengths are easy to store and use, perfect for emergency deployment on inland waters as a preventive measure in situations where there is a risk of oil pollution.  

For deployment in open waters our Neoprene Boom has a higher buoyancy to weight ratio to assist performance in waves.

Where preventative deployment is necessary the range of Trident Fence Booms concertina for efficient storage and deployment as a preventive measure in situations where there is a risk of oil pollution.

Where effective oil containment is necessary in intertidal or shallow water areas the range of Trident Beach and Bank Seal Booms have excellent wave following characteristics when afloat and excellent sealing and stability characteristics when grounded.

Designed predominantly for the harbourside water environment the Trident Harbourguard Boom ensures the protection of the harbour from accidental discharge of oils, fuels and other contaminating products. With high strength, buoyancy and stability the boom can also be deployed in open water environments.

In situations where debris needs to be contained or inlets protected our range of Trident Debris Booms are manufactured from PVG with highly visible and impact resistance moulded HDPE foam filled floats to aid buoyancy.

In situations of high flow and heavy volume of debris our Shield Boom has internal steel stiffeners for added strength and optional suspended debris screens.  Designed for long term deployment



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