Beach Seal / Bank Seal

A range of booms for deployment in shallow water or intertidal zones.

Product Overview

Beach Seal and Bank Seal Booms are a highly effective oil containment boom for shallow water or intertidal zones. These water ballasted booms can also be used on land.

The Trident Beach Seal and Bank Seal booms act as an oil containment boom when afloat, and when the water level receeds in tidal or variable water level situations, acts to retain the oil by forming a seal with the ground. This range of booms are suitable for all applications from small streams to beaches.


Boom Overview

When afloat booms have excellent wave following characteristics due to their air buoyancy/water ballast tube design. In deployment situations where the boom is aground, the vertical perforated inner membrane acts as a tension member and prevents the boom from rolling, giving the boom excellent stability and sealing characteristics.

The beachseal / bank seal boom is very versatile. It can be used at the water’s edge as a beach seal which maintains an effective barrier throughout the tidal range to protect marshes. In shallow rivers, the boom can be used to improve oil recovery operations by acting as a dam to increase water depth.

The smooth continuous boom profile inhibits the formation of vortices, thereby discouraging oil loss under the boom.

Due to its ability to operate with a low air inflation pressure the boom is highly flexible and contours more effectively.

This range of booms are incredibly durable with a high resistance to punctures, abrasion and rough handling.

They are resistant to hydrocarbons and are protected against damaging effects of UV rays.

After deployment, these booms can be easily cleaned with normal detergents and hot or cold pressure washers.


  • Can be used on land or shallow water
  • Excellent wave following characteristics
  • Inhibits the formation of vortices
  • Increased boom flexibility
  • Resistant to punctures and abrasion
  • Easy to clean


  • Air buoyancy / water ballast design
  • Low air pressure requirement
  • Smooth boom profile
  • Hard wearing durable material

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